Use the “no flash” mode in low-light situations


The problem is that the camera can produce great photos without flash! That’s why you better use the “no flash” mode in these situations.

Use the “Portrait” mode to shoot people


While the face of the subject will be in focus, the background will be blurred out. This is a beautiful effect used to drive attention to the subject.

Use the “Sports” when shooting a subject in motion


Use the running mode. This will make your camera use a faster shutter speed which will “freeze” the motion of the subject.

Use Macro mode when doing close up to objects


If you are taking pictures of some tiny object, use the “macro” mode. it will help you to produce a better image in these kinds of situations.

Use the Night Portrait Mode


This will increase the aperture and crank up the ISO of the camera and try to keep a proper shutter speed to don’t have any unwanted blur.

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